Why Holli?

  • Engaged REALTOR® & Residential Specialist
  • Authentic Servant-Leader
  • Growing the RRC Family

Holli Woodward proudly boasts about the impact of earning her CRS designation, saying:

"Earning my CRS designation changed the trajectory of my career..."

Since then, she's poured back into Residential Real Estate Council and REALTOR® associations at every level: local, state and national. She's selflessly lead volunteer efforts at numerous charities and non-profits in her community.

Now, she's ready to grow the RRC family.

Click here to read more about Holli's background and platform. Or, check out Holli's gallery of photos from REALTOR® and RRC events, as well as family outings from across the country!

What is this election?

For the first time in Residential Real Estate Council (RRC, previously CRS) history, members of the organization will have the chance to vote for the leadership they want!

Online voting opens May 14th. Learn more about the election on the RRC website.

Or, stay up to date with the election, see the endorsements and pledge your vote to Holli, today!

Holli Woodward